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by Bobby Smith
Sports Reporter Editor

SEPTEMBER 10, 2018 -- If I was a subscriber, do you know what my reply to that headline would be? ‘Big friggin’ deal! Do it again next weekend, and then again the weekend after that. We don’t want NFL outcomes that could have been busted in the final minute. You should have highlighted Baltimore, over Buffalo! We want to win 47-3, not these cheesy Jaguars and Browns life-and-death at the end scenarios!” To which, as director of this operation, I would respond, ‘You’re darn right!’
Teams on the College Football Worst three-season ATS list who played main-board this past weekend included: Hawaii (L), Arizona (L), East Carolina (W), Connecticut (L), Kansas (W), UCLA (W), South Alabama (L), Charlotte (W), Cincinnati (W), Utah State (W). That’s 6-4 for the “Worst” teams, which is kind of the way it’s supposed to be. Teams on the Best three-season ATS list who played main-board games were: Temple (L), Wisconsin (L), Oklahoma (L), Northwestern (L), South Florida (W), Clemson (L), Eastern Michigan (W), Iowa State (L). That’s 2-6 ATS for the “Best” teams, which is kind of the way it’s supposed to be. Just keepin’ everyone on their toes, while other places pump these “Value Trends!” as if they’re supposed to continue until the end of time. Who’s the SR dope who didn’t follow to his own company’s info, and picked Clemson?
I’m reading a book called The Signal and The Noise: Why So Many Predictions Fail – But Some Don’t, by Nate Silver. MORE
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NFL picks
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