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by Bobby Smith
Sports Reporter Editor

JANUARY 25, 2017 -- Well, those were two of the worst conference championship games anyone has ever been forced to sit through. Actually, nobody is forced to sit through them. And, they weren’t the worst-ever for anyone who’d bet on Atlanta or New England against the spread. In that case, those people just wanted each side to keep on scoring! ‘Leave no doubt! Kill, kill, kill!’ Right? Blowouts are always the most possible fun for any bettor, so, half the wagering population was ecstatic and reveling in what they were seeing. Good thing we had the Over in Green Bay-Atlanta as a Best Bet in the Midweek Update to offset some of the ugliness. Somehow, we managed to go 4-0 in NFL post-season Best Bets, which was nice, closing the NFL season the way we started it. What? You don’t get the Midweek Update? Get a computer and get Sports Reporter every Tuesday, and the Midweek Update every Friday! Why force us to contribute to the U.S. Postal Service, a department that has lost money for 10 straight years, most recently a -$5.8 million deficit for fiscal year 2016? Do your part for the country and get Sports Reporter online! We publish a Basketball and Baseball paper on the Web every day, too! MORE
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NFL picks
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