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by Bobby Smith
Sports Reporter Editor

JANUARY, 2019 -- I went to a bar with my neighbor to watch the Seattle-Dallas wild card game a couple of weeks ago. He asked me, ‘If you had pick a quarterback to win one game, who would it be?’ I said, ‘What are you, Jim Nantz?’ He said, ‘What’s that supposed to mean?’ I said, ‘Never mind.’

I told him I’d take the quarterback with the best offensive line.

‘Come on. You know what I mean. Who would it be?’

‘Okay, I want the quarterback with the better offensive line and the better defense coming on the field after him.’

Why are you busting my balls? Who is the one quarterback you’d want?

‘What kind of game is it? Pre-season, regular season or post-season?’

‘A big game. The Super Bowl!’

‘Are we a running team or a passing team? Who are we playing against?’

‘I don’t know. Anybody!’

‘Not just anybody makes it to the big game. By the way, this is a moot question because I’m not a general manager, team president or owner. I would never be in position to make this choice.’

‘Let’s say you were!’

‘I think the NFL’s rules state that I have to go with one of the quarterbacks on my roster, right? Dance with the guy who brung ya’. I mean, I guess I could sign a free agent, but if we’ve already gotten to the big game, then he probably wouldn’t be any better than what I’ve already got, you know what I mean?’ MORE
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NOVEMBER 26 UPDATE: WE HAVE A WINNER! The annual Sports Reporter Challenge came to an abrupt halt when the Eagles came back to beat the Giants after trailing by 16 points. More...
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