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  • Stay ahead of the curve! Sports Reporter Editor Bobby Smith outdistances the same-old, surface-skimming summer football publication to PROJECT, not preview. Find out what teams are poised to fall off dramatically straight-up and against the spread this season based on proven historical factors! Learn new concepts that will broaden your handicapping skills! Anticipate changes. Develop a more take-charge attitude. Read unique, detailed forecasts and approaches to the upcoming football season.

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    How To Beat the Pro Football Pointspread
    How To Beat the Pro Football Pointspread is a brilliant book. I'm recommending it to all my friends. You certainly did raise the bar. I've read every NFL handicapping book available -- Lem Banker, Phil Steele, Mike Lee, Jerry Higgins, J.R. Miller, Richard Ross, Jim Barnes, John Painter, Jerry Patterson, Wayne Alyn Root, Tony Salinas, Kelso Sturgeon, Art Glantz (a good friend), Alan Pesin, Andy Isko, Marc Lawrence, Kevin O'Neil, Dr. Bob, etc. -- and I have to rate your book the best...I'm already using it to prepare for next season. Looking forward to your Zone Blitz report in August!
    -- Mike

    I am on Chapter 13 of your new book and I just wanted to let you know that it is in my top 4 for best book I ever read. I have read about 15 books on sports betting and this is the best one I have read on that topic by far. It is very well written, the facts are amazing, the research put into the book is obviously top notch, and the approach you take to analyzing NFL games is awesome. I have already applied some of your NFL techniques to NBA and NCAAB and the results have been positive...This book has truly inspired me to becoming a more in depth researcher, and I believe it will really pay dividends this coming NFL season. I am so excited for the schedule to come out so I can start my ''spring mini camp.'' I have also begun to analyze coaching and personnel moves this offseason more than ever before, and I am excited to look at some key statistical categories from last year with a new vision based on your writings...Thank you so much for writing this book. I can't tell you how many points in your book are just amazing. I was underlining and highlighting things on almost every page it seemed!
    -- Jeff

    ''...There were so many things I took out of your book. Things that I had thought about before but had no idea how to implement so thank you for your insight. -- All the best,

    A Comprehensive, No-Nonsense Guide to Picking NFL Winners
    By Bobby Smith
    Length: 20 Chapters, 174 pages
    Size: 6'' x 9''
    Released October 1, 2008

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    For big players, small players, medium-sized players, office-pool players, Las Vegas players, serious players, casual players and beginners, too! The author is Sports Reporter Editor Bobby Smith, who has combined with Skyhorse Publishing to create the long-overdue, definitive book on figuring out the NFL vs. the spread. Erase the mystique! Don’t buy the hype! How to Beat the Pro Football Pointspread de-mystifies the NFL and makes it easier to understand how to win vs. the spread. Start seeing things you haven't seen before. Gain confidence! Fine-tune your football forecasting skills by learning how to prioritize information. Oddmakers? Fakes. Football players' stats? Overrated. ATS Records? For the birds...

    Chapter 1: Smarter Than the Average Fan
    Chapter 2: NFL Infrastructure
    Chapter 3: Understanding Statistics and Rankings
    Chapter 4: Understanding the NFL Landscape
    Chapter 5: Challenging the General Football Media
    Chapter 6: Challenging the Football Handicapping Media
    Chapter 7: Challenging the Oddsmakers and Bookmakers

    Chapter 8: Change is Constant
    Chapter 9: Understanding Schedules
    Chapter 10: Identifying Team Styles, Strengths, and Weaknesses
    Chapter 11: Sniffing out Blowouts
    Chapter 12: Predicting Turnovers
    Chapter 13: Positioning for Upsets
    Chapter 14: The Great Value Debate

    Chapter 15: Let the Games Come to You
    Chapter 16: The Coaching Network
    Chapter 17: Totals: The Universe is Out of Alignment!
    Chapter 18: Weather and Surface
    Chapter 19: Money Management
    Chapter 20: College Football, and the Future
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    NFL & CF Stats

    by Bobby Smith
    Sports Reporter Editor

    So, when do you think that the 49ers and Browns will win a game? Last year, the Browns went all the way to the home finale in Week 16 before they won, drawing poor San Diego, who had to fly into Cleveland on Christmas week, play on Christmas Eve when they were a lousy 5-9 and eliminated from everything including their home city. The Chargers were also coming off a 19-16 home loss to division-rival Oakland, to further add to their miserable state.

    Unless I’m missing somebody, Cleveland went through five quarterbacks last season: Griffin III, McCown, Kessler, Whitehurst and Hogan. This season, they have used three: Kizer, Hogan, Kessler. The team’s TD-INT ratio on offense is 7-17. Last season, it was 15-14. We are moving backwards here! Which probably should have been expected when they drafted and decided to start Kizer, a rookie quarterback who left college early.

    A year ago at this time, in my role as a Ben McAdoo not-liker, I would point out to friends that the New York Giants’ defense was on the field longer than any other unit except for the 49ers and Browns, who were the two worst teams in the NFL in 2016. This was while the Giants were on their way to winning 11 games and making the playoffs. My mantra was, 'Just wait, you will see.' The Giants’ offense, trailing only 7-6 at Green Bay in the Wild Card game, was unable to make a first down near the end of the half, forcing that defense back on the field for a final-drive, Aaron Rodgers Hail Mary touchdown pass that gave Green Bay a lead they would build on in the second half. MORE
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