THE YEAR WAS 1975. Pittsburgh beat Dallas 21-17 in the Super Bowl. Bobby Knight's Indiana Hoosiers went undefeated to win the NCAA College Basketball title. The Golden State Warriors, led by Rick Barry, won the NBA Championship. Barry Switzer and Oklahoma claimed the #1 ranking in college football.

It was memorable year, but one that the bookmakers would rather forget, because Sports Reporter made its debut as a weekly forecast newspaper. Suddenly, their clients got smarter.

Soon, "Blue Sheet" Best Bets and Major Wagers were rocking the sporting world strongly enough to merit coverage on NBC and in Newsweek. Sports Reporter handicappers were celebrated as wily "foxes" and "gurus," entertaining and informing a new generation of sports bettors with insights on how to be king of the hill in football.

Today, the "ol' Blue Sheet" upholds that tradition, selling out on newsstands nationwide and making its way to many mailboxes -- at front doors and online.

But with www.sportsreporter.com, the mountain comes to you, so to speak. You get earlier delivery and more information from your Sports Reporter membership. That translates to more winners, received faster. Combine that quality service with FREE coverage of sports betting trends and angles, and you'll agree that Sports Reporter has no peer as a source of providing reliable, honest and accurate sports information.

The Sports Reporter network is a unique and intricately woven web of handicapping geeks that actually attends games in person and speaks to coaches. There is first-hand knowledge of player status - injury and otherwise. They can spot mismatches and style edges that the ordinary observer cannot. And they write about it with substance and style.

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by Bobby Smith
Sports Reporter Editor

Power Ratings Rule
NOVEMBER, 2018 -- When last week’s updated College Football Playoff rankings were released, I was curious how they’d compare with a well-crafted set of College Football power ratings (which, as you know, are the foundation for pointspreads, and contain all math, no human judgment or manipulation). The ones I used were the publicly available ratings at Sagarin.com. The CFP Rankings do not include polls. They are made by people on a selection committee, which allegedly makes evaluations based on the ol’ tried-and-true “numerous factors that we look at.” Whatever. I would have figured that they base it on how much they are paid off the books by ESPN, but what do I know? Two months out, I’m not interested in who will be in the College Football Playoff. When they get to that point, let me know who’s playing who, and what the Line and Total are. Then, I’ll care. But at least the CFP rankings are not comprised by Associated Press and Coaches Polls, allegedly. When the former system, the BCS, was ruling college football post-season protocol, those things were used to come up with rankings. Ugh. Having a 13-person committee of clowns is probably preferable than basing a post-season system on the votes made by 65 broadcasting and sportswriting trivia turkeys who cover a sport they don’t understand, and whose judgment is distracted by their obsession with “this team, just beat a ranked opponent, in November, for the first time… since 2016!.” The fewer dopes with that kind of perspective, the better, right? It’s also probably better than anything that can be cooked up by the 130 borderline psychotics coaching FBS-level football programs. But enough of my sarcastic critique of a tiresome tradition. MORE

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