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by Bobby Smith
Sports Reporter Editor

AUGUST, 2017 -- Greetings, Sports Reporter football fans. We are back, although we never left. We never leave. The more accurate statement would be, YOU are back! And, we are very glad to have you. What a difference a year makes. At this time in 2016, I went under the knife twice in an eight-day span and was so out of it that I did not mind watching ESPN sports shows where allegedly mature adults were debating each other over trivial things like, Who is the most important player on this team? Of course, I was on heavy pain-killers at the time, happy just to be alive with an opportunity to recover, which explained a lot. Now that I feel healthy and strong again, I should probably ease up on the trashing of print and broadcast media for the way they misinform the American reading and viewing public. After all, we are 0-1 going into this first big weekend of College Football 2017. And why spend energy about something that is never going to change? MORE
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